TAC Ingeniería S.A.S

Diagonal 24 Bis No. 27A - 42

PBX: (571) 268 5574

Bogotá - Colombia


Telecomunicaciones, Automatización y Control Ingeniería S.A.S.





Since its creation, the company TAC Ingenieria S.A.S. has had as focus the current technological trends in automation, and the convergence of a broad range of technologies into global, unified systems. Upon this conception we integrate information technologies (IT) and energy technologies (ET) using hardware and software that meet open as well as globally accepted standards.

TAC ingenieria promotes the implementation and provides open automation systems with efficient energetic consumption, dynamic, and creative ways to maximize energy and bring more productivity into your company, home, or office.

At TAC Ingenieria S.A.S, highly qualified professionals serve clients in engineering areas, this enables us to be competitive in finishing of the products offered, and to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

TAC Ingeniería is a systems integrating company that provides automation solutions, energetically efficient under open standards.


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